December 15, 2005   

Bahia Asuncion to Bahia de Ballenas

We left Bahia Asuncion at 0710 to make the 60 mile run to Bahia de Ballenas which is quite a sport fishing and whale watching area with several large lagoons nearby.  We intend to fish around Punta Abreojos as we get nearby as there is supposed to be some good fishing there.  Hopefully some yellowtail are active.

Tis another nice day on the water with winds about 10 to 15 knots, skies clear, swells 3' to 5' and about 70 degrees.

While underway, we had some of the fish we caught yesterday for breakfast and it was very good. 

As we got closer to the cape around which we were to anchor, we rigged up a couple rods and slowed down a bit and trolled. We caught 12 fish in about an hour and a half, mostly bonito, lost a couple and released all but two nice little yellowtails, about 5 pounds each.  We had some lobster and salad while we fished and were interrupted a couple times by inconsiderate fish.

After dropping the anchor and settling in a bit, I cleaned the fish and fishing gear.  then we sautéed up one of the yellowtail fillets.  Man was that good, so tender and tasty.  Will make good ceviche too.

It's a good anchorage although a bit windy right now so we are rock n' rollin. We expect to be out of here tomorrow morning early for Bahia San Juanito. Right now we are having some Two Buck Chuck and relaxing from a very strenuous day fishing.