December 17, 2005   

Bahia San Juanito to Bahia Santa Maria

We decided to make this 13 hour run overnight in order to have some light leaving here as well as, hopefully, some light entering Bahia Santa Maria to help avoid pots.  There were a lot of them coming in here and in clusters.  We departed here at 1800, just before sunset.  Winds are light and out of the NW, seas are kindly, forecasts are for good weather.

We will stand two hour watches per Kath's suggestion so she made up the watch schedule.  We hope it will be easier for both of us on these overnight runs.

It was an uneventful run all night.  Weather was right on and seas were kindly.  There are about nine other boats at anchor here in Bahia Santa Maria with three of them, including us, power boats, one a mega yacht.  We don't see anyone we know and anchored up in the NW corner of the bay.

We spent some time squaring the boat away and took showers.  Tossed our towels in the dryer and fired up the genset to dry the towels and make some water.  It wasn't long before there was a weird shudder in the genset and then it straightened out.  I checked the panel and found the watermaker not making water.  Hit the start button again as sometimes things come on, create a momentary overload and something drops out.  I heard a his from the circuit breaker, but the watermaker didn't start and the breaker didn't trip.  Weird.  Went back to the lazaret to check on things and found salt water sprayed over about one quarter of the area.  What a mess!  Not something I want to deal with!  However, saltwater is not something I want sitting around on things electrical and mechanical.

So Kath and I get organized for this two-person clean-up effort.  First we make room on the aft deck and fore deck to clean and dry things.  Keep in mind, we have a lot of stuff stored there including a bunch of tools.  Well, it turns out the tools were spared which is a good thing.