December 19, 2005   

Bahia Santa Maria to Puerto San Carlos

Decided to make the run up to Puerto San Carlos today to fuel up.  Also to fish along the way.  All our yellowtail meat was gone and we wanted more.  So we pulled the anchor and headed out of Bahia Santa Maria.  Kath ran the boat while I got the fishing gear ready. 

We headed for the southerly entrance point wanting to fish around the point.  Sure enough, a double hookup on a couple nice yellowtails.  So we had our meat fish!  Next was a bonito then a small mackerel.  We decided it was getting late and we had our fish so we pulled in the gear and headed for Puerto San Carlos up this narrow winding channel.  It was well marked, however, none of the markers matched the chart.  So I marked each red buoy so we would have no trouble finding our way back out even in darkness or fog.

Took us a couple hours to make the run of about 16 miles up the channel and we arrived about 1700, scouted the pier a bit, saw no place to fuel or tie up so dropped the anchor about a half mile away.  We had a bite to eat, a couple glasses of wine and settled in for the night.