December 16, 2005   

Bahia de Ballenas to Bahia San Juanito

Pulled the anchor at 0710 and left for the 64 mile run to Bahia San Juanito.  Clear skies with sunrise right in our eyes.  Man, that sun pops up quick!  This transiting the Baja coast is typically, leave in the morning and travel SE, right into the sun and it can be brutal coming in directly from the sky and off the water as well!  Clouds and overcast skies are our friends at times like this.  Full moon the last couple days but nothing wooo wooo has happened.

Today the winds started picking up around 1100 and developed to 15 to 20 knots, a bit more at times and then held pretty solid at about 20 the rest of the afternoon.  Seas built up to about 6' to 8'  accordingly and were a bit choppy but on our stern so the ride, while yawing a lot, was comfortable.  We should drop our anchor in about 45 minutes and then a glass or two of red Two Buck Chuck.

Dropped the hook at a1550 in 15' of water, winds still blowing 15 to 20 and at times more.  Feels good to be here with a glass of wine.