August 25, 2005

Bandon to Brookings Oregon

This morning, we left  Bandon for Brookings Oregon at 0700 over a fairly calm bar.  The seas were comfortable with light winds, 2' to 3' wind waves and 4' to 6' swells, all from the NW on our stern.  FOG AGAIN!!! 

The 87 mile trip was uneventful and we arrived at Brookings at 1730 over a cooperative and mild bar.

Shortly after we arrived, tied up and hooked into some 230 volt shorepower, a group of four boats, three Nordhavns and a Krogen, began arriving.  The first, a 60 odd foot Nordhavn, arrived and docked off Dreamer's bow.  We helped them with their lines and they were friendly enough.  Soon The Krogen, named "Number 1" (the name should have been a tip-off) arrived and docked behind the Nordhavn.  Then a 46' Nordhavn arrived and tied up around the corner along the ramp dock.

There was about 45' behind Dreamer to the next boat, and we would have tied up there except there were few cleats and the 230 volt electrical would not have been reachable.  The fourth boat, a 40' Nordhavn arrived and the owner of Number 1 come down and ordered me to move Dreamer to make more room for the arriving boat.  I called out to the arriving boat and asked what their overall length was and he responded that it was 40'.  Although there was already enough room for him and plenty of hands to help him tie up, I said I would move Dreamer a few feet towards the larger Nordhavn.  Number 1 got in my face and ordered me again to move at least 10'.  I don't take rude orders well and just told him to move on down the dock with his attitude and proceeded to move dreamer about 5'.  The Nordhavn 40 had no problem fitting and docking in the space and Number 1 just growled, frowned and glared at me.  I have never met someone so bitter and mean without cause while boating.  I pity his friends and family.

All the boats there were boarded and inspected by the USCG except Dreamer.  We had talked with the CG a couple times while enroute to get an idea of the bar conditions there and they had gathered all the information on Dreamer and us including the fact that we had been boarded and inspected by the CG in Gray's Harbor.

I went out on the dock to take some photos and a guy on the 46' Nordhavn bolted out of his aft door from having dinner with the others onboard and very belligerently demanded to know what I was doing since his boat was partially in the picture.  I told him I was taking pictures.  He asked WHY?  I told him I enjoyed taking pictures and he had a nice boat.  He reluctantly went back in to finish his dinner.  I had had enough of this group so went back to Dreamer and settled in for the night, checking weather forecasts for the next day.

The sooner we could leave this group behind us, the better!