October 12, 2005   

Coho Anchorage to Santa Barbara

We departed Coho Anchorage at 0700 to make the 42 mile run to Santa Barbara.  It was a beautiful sunny day and we ran close to the shoreline to enjoy the SoCal scenery.  The trip was uneventful and as we approached Santa Barbara, I called the SB Harbormaster for slip assignment.  I was told they had none but that one might be available after noon and to call back later.  Apparently, they checked in 8 boats after I had called ahead last night and filled all the empty slips for our size. 

I called in about a half hour before our arrival and was told a slip had opened up and to proceed to the courtesy dock, come to their office and register.  We tied up and I went to their office, waited my turn and was told they had just assigned the last slip.  Then he grabbed a radio and asked one of his deputies if a particular slip was vacant and asked me to wait until he got an answer.  After about 10 minutes, the deputy called  in to say the slip was vacant.  He said we could have the slip but that it had no water or electricity.  I asked if a better slip became available, could we switch and he said we could.  So I registered and paid and we moved Dreamer into the slip at about 1230.  We had lunch and looked at the maps I had picked up at the office and where some of the stores we wanted to supply at like Trader Joe's for some Two Buck Chuck's wine and some of their other specialties we like. 

A guy came by and inspected our boat pretty thoroughly from the bow area and then came down our side dock and wanted to know about Dreamer.  We talked and he owns a 49' Alaskan on the next dock over and was going to his boat when he noticed Dreamer so came over to check her out.  He has owned his boat for 8 years.  We told him we were going into town later to supply and he left after about a half hour discussion regarding paint and varnish procedures.  He even volunteered the use of his truck to go for supplies.

He called a bit later saying he had to make a run into town and would I like a lift to Trader Joe's which I quickly accepted.  I went into town with him and got the stuff we wanted and he picked me up a bit later and brought me back.  We were able to get all the supplies into one of the large Yacht Club carts, which are about the size of a large wheel barrow.  We really appreciated his generosity. 

It turned out that our slip was next to a slip with two outlets, only one was used.  The remaining outlet was a 50 amp 240 VAC outlet.   I mention this to Robert, our new friend, and he said to go ahead and plug into it as none of the electricity was metered.  So we did.  There is also plenty of water faucets around so we have both power and water and the slip is open to the stern and port side for nice views and privacy.  So we will stay here though it is a 1/4 mile walk to the head of the dock.

Tom and Amy on Sandpiper showed up later in the afternoon and got a slip way over on the other side of the marina, stayed a couple days then left for Two Harbors on Catalina Island intending to attend the Lats & Atts party there next weekend.  We aren't sure we will make it, though we would like to.

Ian & Heidi and their two children, Jonah, 2 1/2 and Gabriella, 9 months, arrived aboard Chaitanya and were assigned a slip on a dock not too far away.  Their boat had been rammed at San Simeon and they were trying to get the repairs to the rigging and railing made here.  So they decided to take the train to visit Disney Land for three days before moving further south.

It's Monday the 17th.  It rained last night and is raining now at 1030.  We are trying to get some chores done and get our website updated.  When wiping the water off the brightwork this morning, Kath noticed some areas where water is getting under the varnish on some of the cabin side trim so it looks like we have some maintenance work ahead of us real soon.

We had a great lunch yesterday at a waterfront restaurant.  Fresh Mai Mai with veggies and fruit (instead of rice)  It was much better than we expected and the fish was fresh and well prepared.  We will go there again.  It is the first meal we have had out since leaving Oak Harbor.  We also scouted out a sushi place and will have lunch there before we leave.

The weather here has been great!  It feels good to be in Southern California!