Saturday August 13, 2005

Departure Day!

Sometimes when one works so long and so hard to reach an objective, when it finally arrives, it can be sort of anti-climatic.  So it was with our departure today. 

We were tired from all the stowing and other last minute details that we had to deal with before we could finally leave.  It was 1830 before we left the fuel dock at the Oak Harbor Marina and after a two hour run, we spent the night at anchor by Hope Island several miles before Deception Pass.  We enjoyed a restful nights sleep, though we are still tired.

I think we are gonna have to raise Dreamer's boot stripe again along with all that it entails.  We are loaded and I don't see us getting rid of too  much, especially for the type of cruising and areas we intend to be in.  Boat maintenance goes on and we need the tools and supplies to get the job done when we need to do so.  There is much we left behind that we wanted to bring, but. alas, Dreamer is only so big and she is filled up!  Much organizing and consolidating to do yet, but we will tackle that bit by bit as time permits.

Friday night, we had dinner with Brian and his future wife, Tonya (a lovely gal) on Dreamer.  Brian brought fresh Mai Mai/ Dorado and we made some wild rice and broccoli to go with it.  It was delicious!  He also brought a very expensive bottle of 15 year old single malt Highland scotch whiskey which we made a respectable dent in.  All in all, a very nice send-off evening.