September 12, 2005

Fort Bragg to Bodega Bay

Well, I overslept this morning.  Intending to get up around 0500 and depart about 0630 after showers and checking the engine room.  After a sleepless hour or so around 0200, I awoke at about 0550 and we got underway at 0700 for Bodega Bay, about an eleven hour run around Point Arena.  As I write this three hours out of Fort Bragg, Kath is at the helm halfway through her first two hour watch and we are about an hour from rounding Point Arena.  Again, we are in FOG with visibility of 200 yards to about a mile at times.

Winds are about 5 knots and swells are running a generous 6 or more at times at about 10 seconds which is pretty much in line with the forecast of 5 knots of wind and 4 to 6 swells.  I suppose the ocean is still settling down from the past week of stronger winds out 60 miles or more.

Weather forecast for the area south of Point Arena is for 5 to 15 knots of wind, 2 to 3 wind waves and 3 to 5 swells at 10 seconds.

Our next port of call after Bodega Bay is Half Moon Bay,  just south of San Francisco Bay.  I am still trying to decide how to cross the traffic lanes in and out of SF and will wait to see what the weather is like the day we make the run.  Crossing the main channel close in which is narrow makes sense if weather and tides permit as all traffic is confined there.   Otherwise we will have three wider channels to cross further out.

The trip to Bodega Bay was uneventful and the fog lightened up a bit as we got close to BB, which is up a long winding channel with no place to safely anchor, so we will stay at the marina there.