August 14, 2005

Hope Island to Port Angeles

We left Hope Island at 1115.  Slack water at Deception Pass was about 1144 and we went through about 1130.  As soon as we got to DP, the fog was present and continued to plague us in the Strait of Juan de Fuca for about an hour before it started to thin out a bit.  Thanks to our trusty radar, two pairs of eyes and navigation system, it was not too much of a problem once we got clear of the traffic transiting DP near slack water.

ur destination today is Port Angeles, about a 40 mile run.  Tomorrow, we will go to Neah Bay, just before Cape Flattery where we will turn left and head south down the coast.  We intend to harbor hop our way as much as possible.  We are in no hurry and prefer to make day time runs where possible.  There is a low pressure system making its way towards us that may make us lay over for a day or two while it passes.  We can use the rest and there are still chores to be done, things to organize and square away.

We got into Port Angeles about 1530, dropped the hook and had a nice meal of leftover dorado, rice and some new veggies added for a stir fry.  YUMMERS!  Had a couple glasses of white wine with it and relaxed the rest of the evening.