The best breakfast spot in Nicaragua is Granada's Nica Buffet, not only for its tasty food, but also because of the people dining with you. It's the favorite morning meeting place for the city's expat community.

You can have strawberry pancakes and scrambled eggs with bacon for about $4 (nothing on the menu is more than $3; all meals include coffee).  American-style breakfasts are a speciality, from pancakes (buttermilk, banana, strawberry, and chocolate chip; they take up the entire plate…and you get two) to a large plate of fruit, whatever's in season. Fresh juice--orange, melon, papaya, or pineapple--comes in a tall 16-ounce glass.

Owner Edward has lived in Holland, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua and is fluent in Dutch, Spanish, and English. He'll happily prepare special orders.

It can get busy and you may have to wait for a table. The place was full of tourists, expats, realtors, and attorneys, all getting a head start on the day's business over breakfast. This is the place where deals are struck and information is swapped. It's where you go for a recommendation for a plumber or an electrician, a new maid or a gardener...if you're in the market for a house to rent or someone to help you solve your computer problems.

You'll find Nica Buffet (open seven days a week, 6 a.m. until noon) on Calle Morazan across from Casa Pellas.