November 6, 2005   

Oxnard to Marina Del Rey

Time to leave Oxnard and make some progress so we left at 0800 for a 42 mile run to Marina Del Rey.  We got a nice side tie and settled in.  After we were there a while enjoying the 240 VAC electrical and getting some laundry done and having a glass of wine, there was a knock on the boat.  Outside was the lady that had checked me in and a fellow with a smile and a beard.  She explained that he had a 55' Tri-hulled sailboat and they were looking for a side tie space for it.  They asked if we would mind moving and I explained that we could move a bit, but that I only had so much electrical cord to access the 240 VAC outlet there.  So we paced it off and found that his boat could be easily accommodated if we moved a bit so we did.

Turns out he, Mel, and his son, Josh, are heading to Panama to start a charter business with their boat.  Very nice people and we expect to stay in touch with them on down further. 

We are only staying the one night as I have finally made plans with Balboa Boat Yard in Newport Beach to haul Dreamer and get some work done.  They have dock space for us there so we will go and wait to get in the yard later this week, maybe Wednesday or Thursday.