August 15, 2005

Port Angeles to Neah Bay

Left Port Angeles at 0545 this morning.  Our destination today is Neah Bay, about a 55 mile run, just before Cape Flattery where we will turn left and head south down the coast.  There are still a couple of low pressure systems moving towards and past us and they will bring strong winds from the south until they pass.  We may layover in Neah Bay for a while to rest and wait for the LPS to pass.

Fog most of the way.  We ran outside the major traffic lanes to avoid the big guys.  Still had a couple encounters we made course changes for, but no big problem, just being cautious in the fog.  We had the current with us most of the way picking up about 2 knots or so.  However, the wind was on Dreamer's nose and against the current so the chop was steep and close together.  Coupled with the swells it was lots of pitching our way along.  This smoothed out once the current changed though we lost a bit of speed.

Dropped the hook in Neah Bay at 1300, content to be there.  The sun came out for the last hour or so of the trip making the day more pleasurable.  We gave Dreamer a quick rinse with fresh water from our water tanks to get rid of most of the salts.  It's nice to have the water maker and we like to get rid of the salts whenever possible and it only takes a few gallons to do it.

After checking the weather reports, we decided to stay on at Neah Bay for an extra day before heading down to Westport at Gray's Harbor.