October 11, 2005   

Port San Luis to Coho Anchorage

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Well, itís 0900 and I just relieved Kath at the helm as we make the run from Port San Luis to Coho Anchorage, just around the corner from Point Conception.  Itís about a 6 hour run, m/l, and we should be there around 1315 having departed PSL at 0700.  Itís an open anchorage facing south with good protection from the prevailing winds from the N and NW, which is whatís predicted for the next few days.  We are in pea soup fog again with about 200í visibility.

We will finally be in Southern California after rounding PC!  The next stop will be Santa Barbara, a run of about 40 miles which we intend to do tomorrow morning.  We will probably stay there a few days and then kind of harbor/marina hop our way down the coast in short runs, staying here and there for a short while as we can and like.

We still have to make the decision whether to raise the waterline and associated items or not.  We have decided to go through our supplies and spare parts and ship some back to Oak Harbor.  Brian will store them for us and ship what we may need down as necessary.  Weíre hoping this will lighten us up enough to solve the problem with the waterline, though we will still probably raise the swimstep, which isnít that big a task.

We had also wanted to fly down to Panama for a week or two while Dreamer was still in SoCal.  Time will tell what happens I guess.  Iíll work on that with phone and emails while in the various SoCal ports.

We have met quite a few people on other boats heading for Mexico and beyond, many doing so with the Baja HaHa.  We met up with five sailboats in Morro Bay heading south and are presently running with three of them having spent the night anchored with them in Port San Luis. 

We tried our flopper stopper system last night for the first time as there was a bit of a southerly swell coming into the anchorage, and was pleased with the roll dampening effect that deploying only one produced.  I didnít feel like digging through the lazaret to get the line needed to deploy the second one.  Will rig that up later before heading into Mexico.

In about an hour, weíll be rounding Point Arguello then Point Conception.  It surprises me that I still have a bit of trepidation  making these runs, especially when rounding capes, points, and puntas.  The winds are light but so they were when we first tried rounding Cape Mendocino, but the seas heaped up on us there.  Right now, the swells are about 7 to 9 feet with some larger.  Dreamer is doing well and every day, we are thankful for the Trac stabilizers.  They sure take the roll out and make for a lot more comfort.  It will be good to drop the hook in Cojo Anchorage and enjoy Southern California for the first time.  J

 Rounding Point Arguello and Point Conception was a pretty easy trip, though we did have some pretty big swells off our beam and stern .  That settled down after rounding PC.  We dropped the hook in Coho Anchorage at 1330 and deployed both flopper stoppers.  While they donít do as good a job at stopping roll at anchor as the stabilizers do while underway, they are worth having and deploying if in a rolly anchorage.  They do reduce the severity of the rolling.  I will have to do some things to make them easier to deploy and retrieve without Kathís help as it is too difficult for her to take the weight of them while keeping them away from the boat.  Iíll work that out before going into Mexico.

Chaitanya showed up around 1600 and Sandpiper, both sailboats we met up with in Morro Bay, showed up about 1700, though they both left Port San Luis earlier than we did and .  One of the advantages of a power boat.  J