December 20, 2005   

Puerto San Carlos to Punta Belcher

We spent the night here at anchor off the main pier.  At about 0830, we tried getting the Port Captain on the VHF radio.  We got him and he understood us, but we couldn't quite understand him.  We finally got it!  Channel 77 for fuel.  Again, we got someone that understood us and that we wanted 1000 liters of diesel, but we couldn't understand him.  He finally said un momento.  So we sat down and ate breakfast, an omelet.  About the time we had finished our breakfast, this guy comes on the radio speaking English.  We talked and he directed us to tie up at the pier so we said we would be there shortly. 

We pulled the anchor and motored over to the pier, looking for the place to tie up or someone directing us.  Kath finally saw a guy on the stern of a large commercial rust bucket waving us there.  So we went over and he indicated he wanted us to tie up alongside the ship.  There was quite a current running and I pulled out of the first attempt backing in, made it on the second attempt and we tied up alongside this big rust bucket.

Pretty soon, a hose with plastic fittings and valve appeared in the scupper beside us and after getting some more hose onboard, we began fueling.  All actually went very smoothly.  The fuel was clean, flow was good and pretty soon it stopped with 500 liters in the starboard tank, then we snaked the hose through the starboard side door and through the port galley window and fueled the port tank with another 500 liters.  Snaked the hose back out and off Dreamer.

Turns out our English speaking friend was driving a taxi part-time and he was standing by to take me to Aduana (Customs), the Port Captains office and Immigration to check our papers while Kath stayed with Dreamer.  All went smoothly and then he took me to a series of three markets so I could get a few supplies including some beer, liquor and ice.  Back to the pier we went and he helped get the supplies onto the rust bucket and onto Dreamer.  I asked how much I owed him, he said $30, which I gladly paid after all  his help.  I would have been willing to hire an agent for more so he was a bargain!  I'm sure he was happy too.

So we got untied and pushed off and headed back down the narrow channel to Punta Belcher, our anchorage for the night.  We anchored on the north side of Punta Belcher and it turned out to be a nice quiet anchorage for the night.  After checking the weather reports again and reviewing the route, we decided to leave around 0800 the next morning figuring we would make Cabo San Lucas about sunrise or a bit later.