December 21, 2005   

Punta Belcher to Cabo San Lucas

We left Magdalena Bay at about 0830 figuring at 7.5 knots we would arrive just after sunrise in Cabo San Lucas.  Wrong!!  we picked up a current and had to slow down the last couple hours and then circle before entering the outer harbor with enough light to see safely.   Things were already getting busy with the fishing boats heading out to fish.   We checked out the anchorage area east of the inner harbor and decided to anchor a ways out up close to the beach on a ledge.   We droppped the hook and had breakfast, tired but glad to be in Cabo San Lucas.  This marks the end of transiting the west coast of the USA and Baja.

What with all the boat and PWC activity here, it's a little sloppy so I put the flopper stoppers out and that calmed things down nicely.  It doesn't stop all the rolling, but slows it down and takes the sharpness out of it.  I was fortunate to pick up a good WiFi signal here, best in a couple months, so updated our website and downloaded way too much email which I will have to sort through.

We are both still tired even after a brief nap, so will just hang out here on the boat, have a beer then some Two buck Chuck followed by a good nights sleep.  Tomorrow, we will decide what we want to do, but I suspect we will head on up to the East Cape for some fishing before heading across the Sea of Cortez to Mazatlan. 

More later............