December 8, 2005   

San Diego to Ensenada Mexico

We left San Diego at 0720 for the 67 mile run to Ensenada where we will clear into Mexico. 

Ensenada has been interesting.  We are at the Marina Coral and they are helping us with the paperwork to clear into Mexico.  I don't know what we would have done without their help!  Fortunately, all clearance with the Puerto Capitania, Aduano and the Bank which actually issues the Import Document for Dreamer, good for ten years, was all in one building so it was pretty painless.  Just a lot of paperwork.  So we got our Visas good for six months, Dreamer's import document, and cleared into Mexico.  Should be good for as long as we are here except for the visas which will have to be renewed in six months. 

We also picked up a new prepaid cell phone and a bunch of prepaid cards in pesos.  Still need a long distance card to keep those costs down.  I also need someone to set the phone so it talks to me in English instead of Spanish.  J

There is a lot of surge here and it  is very noisy at night what with lines and fenders groaning.  It will be good to depart tomorrow morning.

We had Good WiFi for a while ($10/day), but then nada.  Went to the hotel to inquire and they shrugged their shoulders and refunded our money.  So we weren't able to update our website.  So maybe at Turtle Bay, Magdalena Bay or Cabo San Lucas…maybe not until Mazatlan.  But then, that has been the worst of our problems so I guess we are doing well.  Life is good and it feels good to finally get down below the border.

 Weather is forecasted to be light and variable winds for about 4 days, then 15 to 20 knots out of the NW for a day or two, then light and variable again.  This is for the west coast of Baja out 10 days.  I hope it holds true, we have some distance to cover. 

We fueled up here and took on about 126 gallons at $2.10 per gallon.  Not too bad.  Turtle Bay is reported to be a bit higher.  We will depart tomorrow morning, the 10th, and make a decision on our destination while underway.