October 7, 2005   

San Simeon to Morro Bay

We pulled the flopper stopper and anchor and got underway at 0545.  Pulling the flopper stopper was awkward and we will have to work out a better way.  We had fog again and as we approached Morro Bay, it got pea soup thick, 200' and less visibility.

I hoped it would clear by the time we got to MB, but it didn't.  The approach into MB over the bar was a little hair-raising.  The entrance didn't look right on the radar and we could see the two jetties so we trusted the nav system and depth sounders.  finally we could see the left jetty then a large object loomed in what looked like the center of the channel and still no right side jetty.  I slowed down a bit scanning everything I could and finally made out that the large object was the left jetty end marker with part of that jetty submerged and then the right side jetty came into view.  We felt a sense of relief and continued into MB without further problem except the markers were not according to the nav system, so we just followed the markers.  The fog began to thin a bit and we found the yacht club where we were supposed to stay.  We settled in and registered and had lunch.

At the yacht club dock, we stayed with a couple of sailboats bound for Mexico, Chaitanya and Sandpiper, both planning on doing the Baja HaHa.  We got along well with both groups and expect we will bump into one another from time to time down the coast.

We enjoyed our stay in MB, taking several walks around town and relaxing a bit.  In checking the weather reports, mixed swells were forecast which could cause a bit of a problem with San Simeon coming in from the south.  We will have to make a decision when we get there.