October 27, 2005   

Santa Barbara to Oxnard

This run is only about 27 miles and we left at 1200 arriving at 1545.  Beautiful sunny day to a very nice facility.  We checked in at the courtesy dock and they said they had a few slips and I chose one that was a side tie instead of sharing a slip with another boat  It was a good choice.

So we went around to the slip, a nice end tie with nothing to port and nothing to stern which gave us some nice views.  About an hour later, a nice guy came by to inquire about Dreamer.  Turns out he had a 49' Alaskan on the next dock and was currently involved in some refinishing.  We chatted a while, exchanging facts and stories.  I mentioned that our dock space had no water, but the one next to us had both 30 amp 120 VAC and 50 amp 240 VAC, the later not in use.  I asked him whether the electricity was metered and he said it wasn't and that it was also a transient dock and to go ahead and use it.  Water spigots were everywhere.  So we had the best of slips, views, electricity and water.  As it turned out, we spent time with this fellow a bit and he offered and gave us a ride to Trader Joe's while he ran some errands and we came back with a large load and we used his big yacht club to haul it down to Dreamer.  Heck of a deal!

Oxnard is very pleasant, both in weather and in setting & facilities.  We found a nice little take-out restaurant for a lobster lunch was pleasantly surprised.  Markets and shopping malls were an easy walk so we were able to resupply as needed.  i was also able to get a much needed haircut.

We found a nearby Aim Mail Center and had some stuff shipped in to us there and we shipped a couple boxes back to Oak Harbor with things we didn't need on Dreamer.  Very nice people to deal with and they recommended a friend of theirs in San Diego at Shelter Island.

We didn't do much else there except get things a bit better organized on Dreamer, get her cleaned up and wait around for stuff to arrive via UPS.   We had good internet access for a bit then it went intermittent and we were lucky to get email with a lot of effort.  A nice stay though.