December 14, 2005   

Turtle Bay to Bahia Asuncion

We left Turtle Bay at 0715 for the 58 mile run to Bahia Asuncion.  We didn't realize that local time had changed so thought we had an extra hour.  Had to hurry to get out after sunrise as quickly as possible.

Winds are 10 to 15 knots offshore, swells 5' to 6', skies partly cloudy, temperature about 70. 

We fished for about the last hour or so of the trip as we approached the point and got two double hookups.  First was two bonito which we kept, second was a couple mackerel and we kept the largest one.  We dropped the hook about 1530 and relaxed a bit after cleaning the fish and fishing gear.

Later in the afternoon, a couple fishermen stopped by in their panga and wanted to know if we wanted some langusto.  We said sure and asked if they wanted to cambio or trade for lobster and they nodded.  I showed them a couple used but good gray tee shirts with a fish design and a designer name and they nodded.  I told them ten lobsters per tee shirt and they nodded again.  They asked if they could come by in the morning with the lobster for the trade and I said yes but around 0630 as we intended to leave at sunrise.  They said no problema and left.

Sure enough, at 0630, they showed up in the dark and knocked on the boat.  i went out and asked them to move around to the stern off the swimstep to protect the hull from their panga and they did so.   I got the tee shirts and showed them and they nodded, asked for a bucket and started dropping lobsters in the bucket, at least 20.  Ended up to be 22.  i gave them the tee shirts and they wanted to know if we had any hats, but we said no mas.  We had enough lobsters for the time being.  So Kath is a happy girl again, but concerned about where to put them.  I told her we will make room in the freezer.