Anchor Platform Details

We added the anchoring platform with new Maxwell vertical windlass and bow pulpit platform accommodating two anchors with two separate rodes.  The CQR on the left has 530' of hi-test 5/15" chain stowed in the lower chain locker below deck.  The Bruce anchor on the right has 100' of 5/16" hi-test chain and 200' of 3/4" nylon stowed in the new chain locker above deck but below the platform in a separate compartment from the windlass motor, electrical, raw water and fresh water system outlets under the platform on the right.  There are two large deck plates to provide access to the above deck chain locker and up and down foot switches for the windlass.  There are also two custom SS chain tensioners to help secure the two anchors when in a seaway.  Each anchor has a chainstopper.  The one on the right is mounted and in position while the one on the left has been taken off and is laying on the platform with its pin.

Two anchor platform with CQR on left and Bruce on right, both with SS swivels.  At the front of the Bruce are a couple "ears" that are pinned and secure the Bruce from moving around when underway and when unpinned, can swivel out of the way to release the anchor.  At the rear of the Bruce on the right, is a chain stopper, the CQR also has one but it is off at this time.  The main platform is 3/8" thick SS and all structural elements are 1/4" SS.  The 3/8" SS plate is covered with teak. 

This shows how the CQR is secured with a couple "ears" that are stationary and lock the CQR in place when up.  You can see the 1/4" SS angle and bracket that reinforce the platform structurally and carry the loading back onto the boat.

Shows the two anchors nested from underneath and the auxiliary center roller.  The painted flat surface is 3/8" SS plate

Close-up showing details of securing the Bruce anchor.  Ears are unpinned to swivel out of the way, but really lock the anchor in place when underway.