27-May-2000 05:20:08 left Oak Harbor

27-May-2000 Cleared customs at Bedwell Harbor Clearance #V201381, Bought Fishing licenses, dropped the hook

28-May-2000-Sunday Bob set crab pots with the one bag of chicken parts I brought with us (thinking we would have fish carcasses too). After dropping off 3 crabs for me to cook and pick, he took the dinghy to Port Browning to pick up more bait and some supplies. All together we ended up with 8 lovely crabs, which we made into enough crab cakes to last us for a while. Bob suggested going on to Princess Louisa Inlet rather than Victoria, which sure sounded good to me. Tomorrow we head for Nanaimo and when weather permits will cross The Strait of Georgia. 

29-May-2000 Left Bedwell Harbor at 7:30, stopped in Ganges for supplies and fuel for boat and dinghy, left for Nanaimo

29-May-2000 16:07:08 Dropped the hook in Nanaimo at 4:00

30-May-2000 Took dinghy into town to pick up supplies. Paid 25 cents for a shopping cart and filled it 10:13 AM 6/2/00up. Bob found a great spot a block from the shopping mall to park the dinghy so we just took the cart to the boat and left it at the head of the dock. The easiest shopping trip we have ever had. Later we took the dinghy over to Newcastle Park and walked around a bit. The layover because of weather has given us a new perspective of Nanaimo.

31-May-2000 05:40:56 Pulled anchor. Wind pretty calm. Left Nanaimo at 5:40 a.m. By 7:15 a.m. the winds were already picking up. The crossing was uneventful. We entered Pender Harbour at 9:30 a.m. and anchored in Gerrans Bay thinking we would stay the day and go for Princess Louisa tomorrow. Bob went into Pender to find a better tides guide and maybe a gold pan for me but no hardware stores seem to be in the area. Decided to go for Princess Louisa even though we are both tired. Left Pender at 12:00 and entered Agamemnon Channel at 12:26. There are some things we experience in life that will always be with us for many reasons. Our trip through the reaches to the Inlet was unique to anything I have ever experienced. We counted no less than 85 waterfalls before we reached the Inlet. The scenery was awe-inspiring. Rugged, tall, imposing, magnificent mountains on both sides of the waterway. The snow cover around us made us feel as though we were many thousands of feet above sea level but we were not. Rugged, tall mountains flanking us with cascading waterfalls everywhere. I have never seen another place like this in my lifetime. 5:47 went through Malibu Rapids easily. We quit counting waterfalls as there were too many and it is enough to just try to absorb the absolute grandeur of this place. It is special in a way only someone who has seen it can understand. If we had known we would come here, I would have brought the camcorder. Maybe it could capture some of what I see and am experiencing here. We will take pictures with our cameras though and hope we get a few good ones.

1-June-2000 Woke up and went for a short walk, which is all you can do as it is thick forest. One of the first signs you see is at the head of the dock with a bear it warning that they are definitely here and be advised. We saw oysters on the shore so decided to go find some out in the Inlet with the dinghy, which proved to be amazingly easy. We picked up a bucket load in 5 minutes and brought the huge monsters back to the boat. Bob began cleaning them and I went to talk to the Park Ranger about the safety of eating these guys. Bob really stabbed himself with the oyster knife while I was gone so we will watch it carefully. The oysters were as great as the scenery, the absolute best I have ever had. Went for a dinghy ride early evening. I would have to say this will remain as a high point in all my travel experiences. It was amazing...Tomorrow I hope to gather more oysters and the small mussels we have seen to try. The Port Angeles Yacht Club showed up today and changed the face of the neighborhood but they seem like an O.K. bunch. It was a long 83 mile stretch yesterday and we are still recovering. I would like to stay here gathering the seafood until we head for home. My list for Alaska is growing by leaps and bounds. 

2-June-2000 Woke up to a sunny day. Had fruit for breakfast today as we are planning a big lunch with oysters, mushrooms, cauliflower and broccoli with cheese sauce later. Took the dinghy out to take pictures. Stopped at Malibu Rapids and went ashore at the youth camp there to take pictures. The place used to be a resort and is really very nice. The first group of campers was due today so everyone was very busy but very nice to us. We stopped here and there along the way to take pictures and hopefully we will have a few winners for our "Memory Book". Went ashore here and took more of the falls and had a chat with Lucy who is the park ranger. She related a few bear stories and told us she has been in charge here for 11 years. It was such a beautiful evening that Bob suggested a dinghy ride. We went over by the falls for a few minutes and then on down the channel. I brought my binoculars to get a better look at so many beautiful things. We both brought our drinks with us as well. Not far down the channel we encountered a boat and along with it its wake. As we bounced over the wake, we both laughed and Bob said something to the effect his drink did not even spill anything. Of course, as luck would have it, we went over a new set of wakes and his whole glass went over. The glass did not break by some miracle but everything was covered with Black Russian. He decided to turn back and the engine quit. I held the gas tank on an angle until we got back to the boat so what was left in the tank would continue to feed the engine. Right now I am doing a load of Black Russian soaked laundry. I saw some really nice fish that some of our boat neighbors got today. I hope we can go fishing tomorrow. I don't want to leave without more oysters either. I hope we will have enough fuel for the dinghy to do what we want for the remainder of our stay here.

03-Jun-2000 18:59:13 Saturday Another beautiful day. Bob and I went out to try our luck at filling the bucket with fish. I know they are out there but with limited gas we didn't wander about too far. Bob did catch a nice little quillback, which was an absolutely wonderful addition to our oyster, vegetable and cheese sauce lunch. What was left of the little fellow will make great crab bait and fill our table with other great meals. After lunch we went out to the beach where we last collected oysters. Bob said it looked like it was a garden just growing huge oysters. Indeed, the beach is thick with them just laying there for anybody to just pick up. I cannot believe no one else has discovered them there because they have to be a few years old to attain that size. Some of them must be about 10 inches! Before we left our little "Oyster Garden", I grabbed some mussels that were growing right in there with the oysters. If the oysters could taste so wonderful, why wouldn't the mussels? They were small, but worth a try. Well, it turned out they were indeed wonderful. The best we ever had! Bob and I are planning to leave tomorrow so we went back for a big bucket full. Right now they are pan ready and hanging over the side of the boat in plastic netting where I hope they will be extremely happy until we leave early tomorrow morning. We have 30 huge oysters and all those mussels to look forward to in the coming days. As we were putting the dinghy up, a fellow stopped by and said he had been trying to figure out what make our boat was assuming it was new. When we told him what she is and how old he just said she was "awesome". It is the kind of remark we hear all the time now and it is gratifying after all the work it took to get her this way. The fellow said that he would be headed for Alaska about the same time as us so we will look for one another. His boat is named "Legacy". It would be nice to see him again as he seemed like a really nice guy. It's after 7:00 now and I am thinking about what we have seen and experienced here. It will stay with me forever. I am trying to soak in all in but it is too grand. Being on the water provides so many rich moments and unique adventures that most people never experience. I am so glad Bob thought to come here!

04-Jun-2000 06:02:45 Left Princess Louisa Inlet dock

04-Jun-2000 14:50:11 Dropped the anchor in Nanaimo Harbor

05-Jun-2000 06:10:44 Pulled anchor and left Nanaimo Harbor

05-Jun-2000 19:13:59 Sunday left Princess Louisa. Last night had visitors aboard. Anne and David Hand off "Bouillabaisse" with another fellow. Dave was on the dock to see us off with yet another man who said all Dave talks about is our boat since he was on board. That was very nice. This time we were busy doing other things in route so were not so intensely preoccupied with the scenery as our trip up. We made a long day of it by heading to Nanaimo. Bob went across the channel for fuel for the dinghy and a quick run into the store. I called Brian briefly to tell him we were once again in phone range. He sounded very tired so I told him I would talk to him tomorrow. The trip across the Strait of Georgia, by the way, was very smooth. Monday- Left Nanaimo 6:00 to hit Dodd's Narrows at a decent tide. Tried fishing here and there in route to Ganges and came up with only one nice quillback, which Bob caught. Got into Ganges around 11:00 and went into town for a few things. Set crab pots. Bob went back in to town with a load of trash and to pick something up and got caught in a downpour. No crabs in the pot tonight. We will head for Bedwell tomorrow where we are more familiar with where to set the pots. We want to make and freeze crab cakes for our big trip south. So far, it is the only way we have found to successfully freeze crab.

06-Jun-2000 8:00:38 Left Ganges Harbor at 8:00, pulled 2 crab pots, got 3 nice crabs, 

06-Jun-2000 10:11:12 Dropped 2 crab pots on entering Bedwell Harbor, dropped the anchor

06-Jun-2000 17:23:07 Bedwell Harbour-Will be here probably another day to crab and fish a little. It is funny that some places I have not liked to begin with I like now. They have something to offer that did not like. It has been pretty rainy all day. One more crab in the pot brings the days total to 5, I think. Talked to Brian. He is not feeling well. If it were not for him I would not worry about being out of contact with the world,. Brian is the best son I could ever hope to have. My greatest wish is to have him join us in Alaska at some point and make that his Christmas present from us to him.

06-Jun-2000 20:33:21 Enjoying a kind of wet day here. We want to just do what we need to back in Oak Harbor and leave for our big trip. I can hardly wait! I want to pull the crab pots and leave tomorrow to do just that. We have had a great trip out and will not move off the boat before leaving north.

06-Jun-2000 20:33:35

07-Jun-2000 10:03:17 pulled anchor, pulled 2 crab pots, got 2 crabs, left Bedwell Harbor for Oak Harbor

07-Jun-2000 14:53:31 Cleared US Customs, Clearance #WA003941-Left Bedwell with 11 crabs. Made about 50 crab cakes in route back to Oak Harbor. The mussels we collected at Princess Louisa surprised us by regrowing their beards and reattaching themselves to each other. This was rather deflating to me since I spent all kinds of time carefully trimming them. To do all again was no fun. Anyway, we steamed the rest of them and will have them tomorrow. Went to the Post Office and collected our mail. Tomorrow we start on our lists of things to do and get before heading on our big trip north.

08-Jun-2000 09:28:28 port engine = 193.6 hrs 
starboard engine = 195.5 hrs 
genset = 238.5 hrs

09-Jun-2000 08:21:46 Took on 253 gallons fuel (total cost $321.49 at $1.27 per gallon) at Oak Harbor. Totalizer read 212 gallons so 41 were used for genset and heating. 

12-Jun-2000 19:33:40

16-Jun-2000 16:54:06 We've been killing ourselves to get things ready to go since we returned. I could be in a better mood at 4:25 this afternoon. I felt tired when we got up only to find out Bob had shut the refrigeration system off overnight so I was defrosting before 6:00 this morning with a hair dryer. With all we are doing I hope we have the energy to make the long hauls we need to. Bob talked to Sandy about getting Brian off for a week or so to fly into Juneau and come with us to our final destination of our trip. Glacier Bay. We have to file travel plans and reservations with the Park Service to even gain entrance so we are going to sit down and figure out realistic dates without pushing things too much with these special days with our family. It will be a really special time for all of us. 

17-June-2000-We are both really tired and there is still so much to do. What am I forgetting to do or get? Brian seems very excited about joining us for the final leg of our trip. I will have never been so long without seeing him in his whole life! The single side band radio has proved to be a royal pain to put in. Bob is really suffering crawling around all around the engine room running wires. I didn't realize it was such a complicated system. We have permit number 1678 issued by Judith for Glacier Bay today so I guess we will make Brian's plane reservations tomorrow when he comes for Father's Day. I made a Peanut Butter Pie for dessert and hope it turns out to be a winner as it is an easy recipe. We'll have some of Bob's chili, which is always a winner. Now that we have reservations and Brian will be joining us puts more pressure on us to get to where we are supposed to be by a certain time. I hope the weather will cooperate with us so everything comes together as we planned. The weather has settled down and we have had two nice days in a row. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come and we will have the calm passages I pray for.