In 1985, about a year after Dreamer acquired us, we were doing a lot of work in the engine room, removing fuel tanks, moving genset, cleaning and painting.  We decided to replace the rusty water heater that was provided originally.  It was a 10 gallon unit.   We decided to install a Torrid 20 gallon vertical unit as I had been installing Torrid units for customers for a couple years and found them to be top notch.  

When we made the decision to install TRAC active fin stabilizers recently, I realized we had to also create space to make the structural hull modifications and foundation provisions for the new stabilizer system as well as be able to access and work on the control heads.  This necessitated moving equipment around, changing battery size and type to create a smaller footprint and changing the water heater, now over 18 years old but still in very good condition, to a different footprint.  After much measuring and planning of relocating the water system on the starboard side, we decided that a horizontal unit would fit the space better and provide the space for accessing and working on the stabilizer there.  After much research, we decided that Torrid was still our best choice and they had a stainless steel horizontal unit that was 18 gallons, losing only 2 gallons and fit perfectly in the space we had available.  That is what we bought.  After all, their last unit had lasted over 18 years and was still in very good condition.

We talked with Jim North, the owner of Torrid and found him to be very knowledgeable.  He explained much of the technical stuff we should know about maintaining our new water heater as well as some things to be watchful for.  Their website also has some good information.  He pointed out the importance of changing the magnesium anode inside the water heater about every two years (nobody had ever mentioned this before), especially since we used a lot of water from our water maker.  They are very good people to deal with.


New Torrid Stainless Steel Water Heater                                         Old Torrid Water Heater